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Myofacial Pain Syndrome

Course Description: Kevin McNamee, D.C., L.Ac. will present this hands-on seminar on Myofascial Pain Syndrome(MPS) (also called trigger points), one of the most commonly missed and least understood cause of patient’s chronic pain. By understanding the causes, neurophysiology and treatment options available to patients with Myofascial Pain Syndrome, the practitioner can distinguish themselves as a superior practitioner in the treatment of this condition. Become the source for treating this pain condition. This course combines both lecture notes and hands-on practice.

Areas to be covered:

Mechanism (how it works)
Neurophysiology of Myofascial Pain Syndrome
Common Causes
History of a Patient with MPS
Examination and Detection of MPS
Diagnostic imaging
Outcome Measures / Instruments
Treatment methods in physical medicine (heat, cold, exercises, stretches, spray and stretch, etc.)

Credit: 7 CEU’s California Acupuncture Board / 7 CEU’s California Board of Chiropractic / 7 PDA’s NCCAOM / 7 CEU's approved for massage therapists by NCBTMB, National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork for 7 CE hours.

Physical Exam & Treatment Workshops

Course Description: Kevin McNamee, D.C., L.Ac. or Dr. Cliff Lara, D.C (Los Angeles & San Diego), or Glenn Kazmierski, L.Ac. will present these two hands-on workshops that give in-depth information differentiating and treating conditions of pain and disability.  If you wish to enhance your clinical skills in both examination and treatment, this workshop answers those needs by showing how physical examination and TCM come together. Completion of the seminar series prepares you to take the Board of the American Academy of Physical Oriental Medicine (AAPOM).

Each module includes: course notes, hands-on practice, and case studies

Areas to be covered:

Massage TherapyOrthopedic tests
Neurological and muscle strength test
Range of motion
Palpitation findings
Ordering diagnostic imaging and lab test
Treatment methods in TCM and physical medicine (heat, cold, exercises, stretches, etc.)
Case studies of common condition
Writing a report for the insurance company

Credit: 16 CA Aupuncture Board CEUs / 13.4 NCCAOM PDAs

Entrapment / Tunnel Syndromes

Course Description: Kevin McNamee, D.C., L.Ac. presents the conditions of compression, damage or impairment of the neurovascular bundle will cause altered sensation and/or motor function for the patient. Sensations of burning, achey, numbness and motor weakness are common signs of a nerve entrapment / tunnel syndrome. This course will explore the types and causes of entrapment / tunnel syndrome
and the treatment options for this condition. See course flyer.

Workshop includes: course notes and hands-on practice

Areas to be covered:

Anatomy of the Nerves (Motor/Sesory/Autonomic)
Types of Tunnel Syndromes
Neurophysiology of Tunnel Sydrome
Common Causes of Tunnel Syndrome
Common Types Found in Athletes
History of a Patient with Tunnel Sundrome
Examination and Detection of Tunnel Sydrome
Diagnostic imaging
Interpreting the Signs and Symptoms
Radicular Pain Differentiation
Outcome Measures of Tunnel Syndrome
Treatment methods of Tunnel Syndromes

Credit: 7 CA Aupuncture Board CEUs / 7 NCCAOM PDAs / 7 CA Board of Chiropractic CEUs

How to Buy, Sell, and Open Your Practice

Learn how to establish a very successful practice by using solid business strategies and proven methods.  Using a check-list to set up and manage your business, this seminar teaches you sound money management strategies to maximize your profits and make your practice grow. Only when this critical framework is in place can you let the healing work begin.  Topics include how to evaluate business locations, insurance, licenses, financing, credit lines, taxes, hiring employees, selecting an accountant, banker and attorney, lease negotiation, business licensing, plus more. 

Instructor: Kevin McNamee, D.C., L.Ac.

Marketing Low and No Cost Marketing Workshops -- Basic Marketing Methods

In the BASIC MARKETING METHODS, you'll learn to be successful at marketing your practice with little or no money.  You'll learn to adjust your attitude and image for success, matching your goals to your marketing methods.  This full-day seminar shows you how to create a marketing plan, gear your vocabulary for success, better communicate with patients and network with contacts and organizations to build a profitable business.  In this seminar, you will receive material that others pay thousands of dollars to learn.

Instructor: Kevin McNamee, D.C., L.Ac.

Insurance Billing Basics

Learn how to get paid for your services by removing the guesswork from billing insurance companies. This two full-day seminar will give you a  new perspective on group health insurance, personal injury and workers compensation. Material covered includes verification of coverage, deciphering insurance codes, properly filling out an insurance claim form to increase your profits now and avoid pitfalls later.  Course includes FORMS to use in your smooth-running office -- a key to any business.

Instructor: Kevin McNamee, D.C., L.Ac.
: 5 CEU’s / 5 PDA’s (NON CLINICAL)*

*Awaiting approval from California & National Acupuncture Boards


On-Site Registration:  If space permits, an additional $50 per seminar.

Cancellation/Refund Policy:  Cancellations and requests for refunds must be submitted in writing four (4) weeks prior to the seminar to receive a 50% refund.  Less than four (4) weeks prior to your seminar - No refund.

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