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Health Savings Accounts: an excellent option for insurance coverage
What Automobile Insurance Coverage To Get?
Medication Side
Effects May Be the Fourth-Leading Cause of Death
Smokers Spend More of Their Lives Combating Disabilities
Vaccinations DTP and Tetanus Cause Asthma
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Toxic Shock Syndrome is Still With Us 
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Making Informed Choices About Vaccinations
Do You Have a Science Experiment in Your Refrigerator?
New Reason to Breast-Feed Your Baby
Ice Therapy - When and How to Use It
Guidelines for Exercise & Your Heart
Vitamin Update (C and E, Selenium & Cancer)
In Pain? Your Serotonin Levels May Be Too Low
Therapeutic Touch Under Attack by the AMA
Caution with New Medications
Two Easy Preventions to Reduce Injury in a Car Accident


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